woman_man's Journal

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made by Patrick

This community is about the relationship of sexes.

One may discuss here everything concerning love, hate, mutual discontent between sexes.

One may not discuss homosexuality here. Everyone advertising homosexuality will be banned forever without warning.

Members of community should respect each other. Please, never say “F**k you” without explaining the reasonsJ

Comments of non-members of community are automatically screened.

One may not write here about such banal things as your mood in the morning. Be sure, we are happy for you in advance.

Think twice before you ask something like ‘What is love?’ – someone is sure to have asked this before.

One may not advertise other communities here except those created by the moderator, but you may propose something one cannot refuse.

љI am ready to discuss any suggestions and thoughts concerning the community.

The Rules are for the members of the community, they in no way regard the moderators.

Disrespectful statements about the moderators are supposed to be disredgard of their work and such people are banned forever.

Please, put long messages under a cut. You may see here how to do this.

Thank you for you interest in the community.